Luxurious Halal Skin Care - without Compromise

Luxurious Halal Skin Care - without Compromise

mellow NOIR halal certified cosmetics
Halal certified

No ethanol, no questionable ingredients. Enjoy worry-free.

Good for you

Excellent skin compatibility even with sensitive skin, tested and confirmed by independent dermatologists. Keeps your skin moisturised for at least 24 hours.

Absolutely natural

More than 98 % of ingredients are of natural origin. Naturally without animal testing.

Good for our environment

With coffee oil yielded from recycled spent coffee and environmentally friendly packaging made of glass and paper. We donate one tree for every order to Eden Reforestation Projects.

"A great product, which I was already able to test during its development. The skin feel on application and its fresh scent are highlights. I was truly convinced by the visible improvement and tightened contour of my skin. I have not been able to achieve a comparable result with really good creams and am positively surprised."

- Dina