Our Clean Beauty Philosophy

Many things we have no control over go under our skin. However with skin care we have a choice. Because we can choose the ingredients of our cosmetics. The alternative to common chemical ingredients is clean beauty. But what does this really mean?

mellow NOIR Clean Beauty

All products that were created and produced mindfully and can be used in good conscience fall in this category. Because they are free of concerning ingredients, which could irritate your skin. A blessing for everyone with senstive skin, prone to allergies and a sense for conscious consumption.

Pure, Vegan, Natural

It is no surprise that the number of offered clean beauty products increases exponentially. To find one's way in the middle of these many options is pretty difficult. Especially since clean beauty remains up for interpretation - currently there is no defining standard.

So what does clean beauty mean for mellow NOIR? 
Since we only want the best for you and your skin, we naturally avoid any ingredients that may irritate your skin. Our synonym for clean is halal. The arabic term, which may be translated as "pure" or "permissible", is an indicator for healthy products, manufactured and filled under higher hygienic requirements than usual. Thereby any cross-contamination with other products or foreign ingredients can be excluded. All of our products are halal certified. But in our case clean also means vegan: Additionally to our signature coffee oil we almost exclusively use plant-based ingredients. Even the pleasant citrus scent is of absolutely natural origin.

Sustainable in Nature

In our opinion not only the product, but also the production and its residues should be clean. For the manufacture of our skin care we are giving spent coffee grounds a new valuable purpose. We pay attention to sustainable processing and packaging. But since even we cannot work entirely emission-free, we give back to nature and the people with every order: 

sustainable cosmetics
For every order we donate a tree to  Eden Reforestation Projects for the reforestation of forests in developing countries. 

Do you have similar thoughts?
Then let us do something good together: For you, for our environment and for a better future.