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Contrary to popular belief, perfect-looking skin isn’t all genetics; habits are a massive part of your appearance, as skin requires regular attention to remain healthy, hydrated, and supported with essential nutrients. Companies will pander to this habit, telling you that for a proper beauty routine, you need many different products. Plus, once you have the products, they will then tell you that a good skin care routine requires over an hour of dedication each and every day.

But your family, job and other activities are probably keeping you quite busy, so an hour of daily skin care is just not going to work. That’s why we’ve compiled simple skin care routine steps that will deliver you with a glowing complexion. Many of the steps that you think are daily requirements are, in fact, only weekly or monthly demands, which means that you can have healthy skin starting today.

Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Let’s start with the fundamentals of a daily beauty regimen. The following steps we are going to detail should be done at least once, possibly twice (in the morning and at night), per day if you have the time.

Step 1: Wash Your Face

Your face has to endure a lot of wear and tear every day. From the toxins in our home, to the chemicals, pollution, and dirt floating around the air outside, it’s important to clean the skin on your face. It is, after all, the most important part of your appearance!

While using your cleanser, be sure to massage it in gently but thoroughly, take your time. There are built-up oils, dirt, and other pollutants that have seeped into your pores. Give yourself the chance to get them out so your skin can become silky smooth and fresh right before bed, as well as right before you leave to start the day.

Lastly: there are many facial cleansers out there for you to choose. Make sure you use a natural cleanser with a clean formulation for your skin care regime. Your skin should not feel tense after cleansing or get irritated, then the product you are using is too harsh. In this case you might want to look for a cleanser that was dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, with promising results.

Step 2: Hydrate Your Skin

After you are done cleansing your face, it’s going to need a little hydration. That’s where moisturisers come into the picture. No matter how naturally dry or oily your face might be, all skin types require a moisturiser for a proper year-round daily skin care.

So, which moisturiser should you choose? There are many options. We recommend a water-based moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, as it can provide long-lasting hydration that won’t irritate sensitive skin – however that also depends on the other ingredients. If you want to avoid any chance of irritation, select a moisturiser that was successfully tested on sensitive skin under dermatological supervision. Furthermore, we would recommend a moisturising gel for oily skin to avoid adding more oils. 

Step 3: Makeup Removal at Night

Always, always, always make time to remove makeup from your face before you go to sleep. When you sleep with makeup covering your face, it can mix with the dirt and oils from the day, and create skin irritations, blackheads, and other undesirable appearances on your face.

Step 4: Apply Sunscreen in the Morning

Direct UV rays not only increase your risk of skin cancer, they also create wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots on your delicate facial skin. Be sure to apply sunscreen after moisturising, but before applying makeup.

When picking the sunscreen that is right for you, make sure you do not use a moisturiser with SPF, but rather two separate products, a moisturiser and a sunscreen. SPF moisturisers are typically less effective than real sunscreens. Additionally their SPF related ingredients take up space, which could be used for valuable skin care ingredients. So, a moisturizer with SPF may just be a waste of money and time for you.

Possible Addition: Serums

Although not necessary, if you want to go step up your daily skin care routine at home, add in a serum after cleansing but before moisturising. These products have a high content of functional ingredients that can add everything from vitamin C and concentrated hyaluronic acid to vitamin E into the mix. The  combination of vitamins C and E, for example, can help your skin remain well conditioned while improving its own defenses against free radicals and sunlight.

Possible Addition: Eye Cream

Some of us suffer from dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet around our eyes. Eye creams are a great additional beauty routine option, that can be added during your moisturising ritual in the morning and at night. Select the product according to your specific need.

The same goes for anti-aging products as well!

Your Weekly Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Scrub and Exfoliate

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells daily. Sometimes, our skin needs some help removing these cells before they turn into pimples and clogged pores. You can, weekly, exfoliate your skin with your favorite product, like a DIY coffee scrub, that reveals your healthy skin underneath. You really only need to do this once every 7-10 days, which means it’s something you can save for your downtime on weekends or in-between shifts.

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Step 2: Treat Yourself

Face masks are a great way to treat yourself after a long week. Pick the mask of your choosing once per week, sit back with a good book, and enjoy yourself. Again, you can do this every 1-2 weeks depending upon your availability.

Your Monthly Skin Care Routine

What should you be doing on a 30-day basis to keep your skin in good shape? Check it for any spots or moles that have changed in shape or color. Your health is more than important! If you ever have any questions, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

Where a Healthy Lifestyle Comes Into the Picture

Our skin is just a reflection of the health that exists within our bodies. Skin acts as a barrier between the outside world, and the inside of our bodies, transferring chemicals, water, and other compounds from the air, into your body, and vice versa.

As a result, your lifestyle has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your skin. This can be a good thing, as you have more control over the health and vitality of your skin than you might realize.

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips that will support your skin health:

  • Fruits, veggies, proteins and essential fats: Make sure your nutrition is well balanced, providing you with all the micro- and macronutrients you need. If you struggle with this, try to make a little fruit and veggie snack a day your habit and progress from there.
  • Drink water: One study showed that in a country like America, roughly 75% of the population exists in a consistently dehydrated state. Since 64% of your skin is made up of water, you need to prioritize drinking at least 8-glasses per day for a glowing presentation.
  • Sleep more: Our skin suffers when we are sleep deprived. If you want to look happier, younger, and healthier without the black circles under your eyes, try and receive 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.
  • Exercise: We all know that we need to work out and get sweaty to make sure we stay healthy. Experiment and try to find something you like and do it regularly – your body will thank you.

Most importantly, living a healthy lifestyle will make you feel better overall.

Your Beauty Routine

At the end of the day, there are only a few steps required to keep your skin happy: cleanse, hydrate, apply sunscreen and remove makeup in the evening. That’s it! Do not mix up the steps or mix products while performing the routine. Additionally, use your hands since towels and other rough cloths can irritate your skin further.

Like anything, do not expect changes too rapidly, as a morning face routine can take some weeks before it starts to change the overall integrity and appearance of your skin. Consistency will bring you results in time, and with a skin care routine this simple, it won’t break the bank, either.

Don’t forget to check out our facial moisturiser, made from clean, natural ingredients that are also halal certified. Easily transportable, so you can perform your daily skin care routine at home, on the road, at work, or wherever you need it to go to keep your skin happy and healthy.

You deserve it. Try our moisturiser that was made with simplistic and effective beauty regimens in mind.